Burning Sky is a popular cover band in the Dallas area, and we're here to tell you... it's time to expect something a little different from the usual band.  


We provide excellent entertainment for venues in the north Texas and beyond. With superior vocals, intoxicating harmonies and solid instrumentals, we're raising the bar on live entertainment.  Our set list covers the best rock hits (classic to current) plus a splash of progressive country.  We've got something for everyone and people are loving what we do.  


Isn't it time you found out what all the fuss is about?  


Kristy Johnson -  Lead Vocals


Kristy was born and raised in the Dallas area and has studied music since childhood.  She studied vocal music through elementary, middle and high school, and then went on to study vocal performance at Stephen F. Austin State University on a vocal scholarship.  Being classically trained in vocal music has helped her develop a three octave range that lends to being able to cover many different artists and styles of music.  She can belt out the high notes and power through our rockin' set list like nobody's business.


Kristy has performed with a number of bands and projects in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, including Silverado, Poetic Justice, Free Fall and Harbor Sounds - specializing in everything from rock to country.  She is also the lead vocalist (the "Ann Wilson") for the local Heart Tribute Band, Even It Up.  She has a true passion for music and loves performing.

Glenn Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards


Glenn is our hot shot.  Our secret weapon.  Our“utility” guy – he's able to switch from acoustic to electric guitar as needed, but is also able to add keyboards or pick up a bass. He can even add brass instruments into the mix if the song calls for it.  


Glenn has a long history with music and has covered everything from classical music with the Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra to extensive experience with a number of local rock bands since the 80s, including Holland, Script, QSL and Rockit Science. Glenn is also a huge asset vocally. With a smooth timber and a flair for harmonies, Glenn’s vocals add dimension and texture to Burning Sky.  You'll also find Glenn playing keyboards, brass and guitar in the Heart tribute band, Even It Up.

Brian Fulenwider - Vocals, Bass


Brian is a proud Texan who grew up in Mesquite, Texas. Other than a 4-year hiatus when he lived in Alabama, he has lived in the DFW area all of his life.  This guy knows how to rock the bass and brings the magic every single time.


Brian started playing bass at age 13. As a teenager, he sang and played bass guitar for his church youth choir group. The group toured every summer, performing the musicals Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar at churches throughout the country. Brian brings 20+ years of experience performing at a variety of establishments around the metroplex.  Brian also serves up the bass line in the Dallas area Heart tribute band, Even It Up.  You'll love his bass groove on his custom bass from Buddy Blaze Guitars, but be ready to hear this guy sing, too!  

Jeremy Thornton - Lead Guitar / Vocals


This native Texan was born in Oak Cliff and has been tearing it up on guitar since he was 17.  Heavily influenced by the sounds of Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeremy is an excellent musician with great style.  

Jeremy has played with a number of bands in the D/FW metroplex and has also spent almost 20 years as a worship leader and lead guitarist for many north Texas churches.  He also teaches guitar, but his talent and contribution to the band doesn't stop there.  He's got an amazing voice and brings incredible tenor vocals and harmonies to Burning Sky.  

Jeremy plays a gorgeous, blue-flame custom K2 electric from Buddy Blaze Guitars.  He's got plenty of personality to keep everyone laughing, and trust us when we say that the party kicks into full gear whenever he's around! 

Pat Calabrese - Drums

Pat Calabrese is originally from just outside New York City.  (New York City??  Get a rope!)  Growing up, he had access to study with some of the best teachers in the NYC area, and was able to gain considerable experience playing in a wide variety of musical situations including jazz, musical theater, R&B and soul, progressive rock, and just about everything in between. In fact, Pat was playing in New York and New Jersey clubs before he was even old enough to be in them! 


Pat brings all these experiences to the stage with every performance behind the drums, but in his heart, he just wants to rock. Pat has played with a number of great projects (most recently, he was the drummer for "3 Drunk Monkeys") but is now a member of  Burning Sky, as well as Even It Up - The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band



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